Final rundown on American Open results for the Cal Strength Team:

Andrew – 62/81 – 5th place (56kg A)

Casey – 60/77

Nate – 103/134 – 10th place (77kg B)

Scott – 121/151 Continue Reading…

It’s over.

glennpendlay —  July 18, 2011 — 5 Comments

It’s over, and although it was fun, I couldn’t have taken much more! End results… Jon and Donny made the Pan-Am games team, Donny also made the the World Championship team. Kevin made huge PR lifts in both snatch and clean and jerk within 94kg weight class. Spencer took a very credible shot at a new American record 204kg clean and jerk. Jessica made competition PR’s in snatch, clean and jerks, and total. Jo Ann continues on her come-back from shoulder surgery. Even though you always want one more kilo, Realistically I couldnt ask for a better weekend or competition. Here are the National Champions themselves…

yeah, some stuff has happened in the last few days. Want to again give a shout out to US Cryotherapy and Kelly Starrett for their HUGE support of us leading up to this years nationals…

Sneak peek of whats been going on, here is Jon snatching 161kg weighing about 93.5kg… and, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

Unremarkable morning workout, then a fairly hard afternoon session. Only shot video of the snatches. Decent snatch workout considering all things… not shot was Donny absolutely murdering a 200 CJ, I do not think I have ever seen this weight done easier, it was scary…. then blowing up a 280kg squat.

Kelly Starrett is the real deal people… no doubt in my mind after seeing Donny move only one day after Kelly worked on him.

Here is the video of some of our snatches today…

Kelly Starrett

glennpendlay —  July 6, 2011 — 5 Comments

Today was the first time I met this guy. I went to the city to see him and see if he could help out with Donny Shankles bum hip, which continues to flare up from time to time and interfere with his training. Now, Kelley proved to be one of the nicest and most down to earth guys I have met in a long time, a truly nice individual. But, plenty of nice people from MD’s to Chiropracters to massage therapists and others have tried to “cure” that hip, with little or no success. But, after an hour with Mr. Starrett, Donny’s asymmetries were noticeably minimized, his positions were noticeably improved, his pain level was down, and an hour later, when he got out of my truck, he commented that it was the first time he could ever remember jumping down out of my truck without hip pain.

We will see what he feels like when we train tomorrow, but, right now I am prepared to jump about the Kelly Starrett bandwagon and be a huge fan of his.

4th of July.

glennpendlay —  July 5, 2011 — 2 Comments

It was only right that we train, and train hard. In fact, it was only right that we take a day when most other people are off work, when many of our competitors are resting, to devote the entire day to training and recovery. Here are the boys, after the second workout…

Some of the best athletes in the Bay Area do their strength and conditioning training at Cal Strength. A majority of those athletes participate in football in the EBAL League, one of the most competitive conferences for football in the entire country. As high school sophomores and juniors, this is a vital time in their lives as they participate in camps and events to catch the attention of analysts and college coaches all over the country. Those that do well have the chance to be approached by their favorite schools and big time football programs, with the goal of getting a scholarship “Offer” to play the sport they love.With recruiting season in full swing, the offers are starting to roll in for several prominent Cal Strength Athletes. Continue Reading…

Monday, May 9th

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Donny went with me to do a seminar this weekend and had a 175kg snatch locked out, but it drifted behind… then he hit a scary easy 208kg clean and jerk. One of his best days in recent memory. Today was pretty normal, Jon did 155/180, Spencer did 150/180, Donny did 160/200, Rob snatched 127 and tried and failed to clean and jerk a new PR of 151. Jared snatched well, with some close misses at 145 that were definately high enough to make.

Wednesday, May 4th

glennpendlay —  May 5, 2011 — 34 Comments

Pretty good day today. Trained twice, snatch and clean and jerk followed by heavy push press in the morning, heavy squats followed by snatch and clean and jerk in the afternoon. The highlight of the squatting was Max finally hitting a 302kg (665lb) squat that he has been chasing for a while, then backing it up with a couple of sets of 5 at 272kg (601lbs). And, new development in the Donny vs Spencer push press battle… last week Spencer jumped ahead by 1 kilo, hitting 156kg for a set of 5. Today Donny hits 157 for 5 to re-take the lead. But I somehow doubt this will be the end of it!

Here are the videos…

Donny Shankle set a new PWA record, Spencer had a PR day as well. Rob took first place in his weight class, Nate had a PR day, Anthony took 1st place in his weight class. Andrew Jester took 1st place in his weight class, and William Pendlay went 6 fo

r 6.

Great job team!

Donny Shankle

Jon North

Nate Omen

Spencer Moorman

Rob Blackwell

Anthony Gurule

Andrew Jester

William Pendlay