Jon North on his recent success training at California Strength

admin —  July 8, 2010 — 5 Comments

Jon North describes his recent push onto the National Stage in less than one year training with the elite team at California Strength under Glenn Pendlay and David Spitz



5 responses to Jon North on his recent success training at California Strength

  1. What does Jon take for supplements?

  2. I fixed him a great BBQ sandwich tonight, actually two of them. cooked a 13lb brisket, pulled it apart and mixed the pulled beef with Stubbs BBQ sauce (the original recipe). I then put if between delux hamburger buns which were fried over the stove in a pan with a quarter stick of butter.

    It should be noted that Donny Shankle ate 4 sandwiches, and Jon North ate only 2. between them, they accounted for 6 hamburger buns and about 4lbs of brisket.

    Now, it even though I think that brisket is the BEST supplement known to man… I do have Jon take fish oil, get at least 30 min of shirtless sun exposure each day for vit D, take protein supplements after workouts, etc.

    anything that might make a difference.


  3. I do 45 min of sun exposure now. Should I bring it back down to 30?

  4. Jake, I have absolutely no idea. That is so dependent on where the sun is, how much of your body is exposed, etc. If you wonder, just get a vit D test, costs about $65 most places. Its called the 25-OH vit D test, and you want your value to be between 50 and 80 ng/ml.

  5. what are the chances i can talk jon into stopping by grants pass on one of his trips home to put on an o-lift demo for some athletes here?
    i’m trying to establish a weightlifting club, and can use all the help i can get.
    plus, if i knew he’d be stopping by, i’d have the excuse i need to upgrade my weight set to something respectable (something with a pendlay name on it, perhaps)

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