3 responses to Jon North Snatching 145kg at 94kg

  1. Training went good, snatched 145 as a 94 and it was easy! I tried 150 but it was just not there. I will hit 150 very soon. 165 clean and jerk, cleaned 170 for two singles easy. My cleans are feeling the best they have ever felt, they are fast and strong. I can clean anything in front of me, but the jerk is a different story. I am working very hard on the jerk, soon it will come together and when it does its game over for the whole 94k class. come get me max! This week in training I will hit 147 175, getting ready to destroy the golden west open, and then medal at Americans in Alabama. Light weight

  2. Very nice lift, Great shot at the end,the look on that guys face says YES it is worth all the effort.

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