Kelly Starrett

glennpendlay —  July 6, 2011 — 5 Comments

Today was the first time I met this guy. I went to the city to see him and see if he could help out with Donny Shankles bum hip, which continues to flare up from time to time and interfere with his training. Now, Kelley proved to be one of the nicest and most down to earth guys I have met in a long time, a truly nice individual. But, plenty of nice people from MD’s to Chiropracters to massage therapists and others have tried to “cure” that hip, with little or no success. But, after an hour with Mr. Starrett, Donny’s asymmetries were noticeably minimized, his positions were noticeably improved, his pain level was down, and an hour later, when he got out of my truck, he commented that it was the first time he could ever remember jumping down out of my truck without hip pain.

We will see what he feels like when we train tomorrow, but, right now I am prepared to jump about the Kelly Starrett bandwagon and be a huge fan of his.



5 responses to Kelly Starrett

  1. just curious, what asymmetries did donny have? and what did kelly do to rectify them?

    i’m just started noticing some asymmetries of my own, particularly in my snatching, that exist ankle, knee, back, and shoulder. i was always kinda new these existed in isolation, but im starting to realize that they may be connected.

  2. he had a lack of internal rotation on his hips and a problem with one ankle… I cant really describe what he did on the hip, but it was a fair amount of twisting and pulling, and it worked.

  3. I’ve attended one of Kelly’s mobility and recovery workshops and he’s definitely the stretch-flexibility-mobility-ninja. Nicest guy with a great personality and sharp intellect.

  4. I trained with Kelly for 2 years at San Francisco Crossfit. Everything I know about lifting comes from him. Awesome human being and a great guy. I have no doubt that he will continue to work with Olympic level athletes like Donny helping them to improve their positioning.

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