Monday, May 9th

glennpendlay —  May 10, 2011 — 3 Comments

Donny went with me to do a seminar this weekend and had a 175kg snatch locked out, but it drifted behind… then he hit a scary easy 208kg clean and jerk. One of his best days in recent memory. Today was pretty normal, Jon did 155/180, Spencer did 150/180, Donny did 160/200, Rob snatched 127 and tried and failed to clean and jerk a new PR of 151. Jared snatched well, with some close misses at 145 that were definately high enough to make.



3 responses to Monday, May 9th

  1. Jon, makes those snatches look easy.

    Congrats on 207 kg clean and jerk Donnie thats huge.

    I Would love to attend one of your seminars one day Glenn. You should do one near Baltimore and bring Donnie with you! Also, I really enjoyed your commentary on the 70s big podcast.

  2. Did anyone get Donny’s lifts on video at the seminar? Would be good to see.

    Great lifting in any case!

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