Today was a simple workout. Sometimes simple is best when it comes to training for performance. The team simply did

  • Powersnatch to maximum
  • Powerclean to maximum

Over the weekend Caleb Ward hit a very big clean and jerk at the meet we held here in San Ramon. Way to go Caleb!


Here is Caleb Clean and Jerk 191kg at The CalStrength Open



3 responses to thursday 10/22/09

  1. Stim for shoulder
    Sled pulling for upper back

    Box Squat 230×1
    Power clean 110×10 singles

    Sled pulling for upper back

  2. Good solid workout in the morning. Nothing to hard nothing to easy but just right for getting the blood flowing, getting the body moving nice and fast for Fridays afternoon workout. I find that lifting helps me recover, rather than taking the whole day off sitting around. doing a light workout on my off day or before a heavy training session prepares me better mentally and physically. Light weight!

  3. PR Power Snatch at 56 kg
    Power Clean 67.5 kg

    Short workout, but productive.
    Felt like I was getting more hip drive into the 2nd pulls.

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