Training for the American Open

glennpendlay —  November 20, 2010 — 3 Comments

The last 4 weeks of training before the American Open are following the usual 2 heavy weeks and 2 weeks of tapering that we normally use for an important meet.  We have one more hard week to go.  There will be a lot of heavy attempts this week, and not a lot of reps beyond 2.  We will continue with the practice of squatting only on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, simply because it seems to be working and Jon is finally breaking PR’s again in the squat.  How we taper the last two weeks will depend in part on how this week goes…  wish us luck!



3 responses to Training for the American Open

  1. Glenn, when you guys are squatting on Wednesdays and Saturdays are you doing back squats only, front squats only, etc?

  2. Back squats only Derek. we are cleaning heavy about 10 times a week, I dont think extra front squats are needed in this situations. I actually get tired and bored with Jon grinding up with the bar on his chest, lol.

  3. Cool, as always thanks for the info Glenn.

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