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Donny Shankle set a new PWA record, Spencer had a PR day as well. Rob took first place in his weight class, Nate had a PR day, Anthony took 1st place in his weight class. Andrew Jester took 1st place in his weight class, and William Pendlay went 6 fo

r 6.

Great job team!

Donny Shankle

Jon North

Nate Omen

Spencer Moorman

Rob Blackwell

Anthony Gurule

Andrew Jester

William Pendlay

At the Olympic Weightlifting Team training the guys where absolutely smoked by end of day today, absolutely smoked…  


Today during olympic weightlifting team training we did hang snatches, power cleans, and jerks from the rack.  Highlight of the day was Jarod jerking 170kg for 5 reps.  Lots of solid snatches also.  Check it out…

Lots of good stuff today during olympic weightlifting team training.  Rob actually stood up with a 130kg snatch before losing it behind.  Anthony made a 4kg PR in the clean and jerk with a great looking 115kg effort.  Rob, Spencer, John, and Jared all trained hard.  Lot’s more to do in the next couple of months though…

training montage…

glennpendlay —  January 23, 2011 — 1 Comment

Here is a neat compilation of some of the Olympic Weightlifting training that went on at CalStrength today.  It was supposed to be a 70 to 80% day but a couple of guys got carried away, you can see who they are!

We had a very hard day of olympic weighlifting training today.  All the boys worked up 3 different times between 10am and 4pm.  In my opinion, Rob was the winner today, getting up to his max snatch once, 2kg below it another time, and coming within 7kg of his max clean and jerk all 3 times.  That’s a lot of work in one day.  And he wanted to do more.  Admit it, Rob Blackwell works harder than you do.

Training today.

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We had a heck of a day training today.  12 new personal records on the olympic weighlifting lifts.  It was a “once in a year” type of day, everyone picking up barbells did something special.  I mostly shut my mouth and sat down.  A few videos are up on my facebook page or on the CaliforniaStrength youtube channel.  Spencer Mormon has now officially begun his preparation for Junior Worlds, and, records are gonna fall.  His snatch record today will be the first of many.

Starting over…

glennpendlay —  June 23, 2010 — 5 Comments

Pan-Ams and Junior Worlds have now come and gone, and a new training cycle is beginning.  Donny will be training for worlds, Jon and Caleb for the American Open.    We all need to get better at what we do.  I feel like I learned a thing or two  at both meets.  Much of it was either common sense stuff or just reminded and reinforced things I had already been exposed to, some of it was new info.  I bought a nice new leather bound journal which fit nicely in the pocket of my cargo shorts in preparation for the competitions, filled it completely with my difficult to decipher scribbling during my 23 days abroad over the two trips.  12 in Guatemala and 11 in Bulgaria.  At both competitions, I made every effort to talk to coaches of countries that seem to be doing better than us.  I was particularly successful in Bulgaria, spending literally a total of 6-8 hours with a very nice Russian coach named Ruslev Khomenko.  I feel like I formed a friendship with this nice young man, and we made plans to keep in touch.  I am hoping that I can convince him to participate on this blog in the future.  We worked up training plans, I was able to get his, he critiqued mine, we watched youtube videos together, dicussed technique, etc.  He is defending his dissertation this summer to complete his PhD, his dissertation concerns the effectiveness of individualizing the general national team training plan to deal with individual weaknesses.  His data says that individualization is not always successful, but thats another post.  I also spent quality time with the Japanese coaching squad, the head coach of the Korean team, the Turkish coach, one of the Polish coaches, as well as others.  I also got the training plans from a variety of athletes, all of whom were very candid with me on every subject I asked about.  I will be posting some of the specifics at a later date.

For now, I will stick to what is in the future for the athletes at California Strength.  I decided this before I got home from Pan-Ams, fortunately everything was simply reinforced at Junior Worlds.  We will increase the volume, warm up more completely, and pay more attention to diet.  We will also be messing around with some different strategies with squats.  In general, we cannot compete with professionals if we do not act like professionals.  There are a number of ways that we need to change to do this.  I am determined to do anything necessary and everything possible to compete with the best in the world.  I believe I am better prepared to advise and coach athletes to accomplish this now than I was a month ago.

Today was a simple workout. Sometimes simple is best when it comes to training for performance. The team simply did

  • Powersnatch to maximum
  • Powerclean to maximum

Over the weekend Caleb Ward hit a very big clean and jerk at the meet we held here in San Ramon. Way to go Caleb!


Here is Caleb Clean and Jerk 191kg at The CalStrength Open

The REAL Linear Progression

Caleb Ward —  October 20, 2009 — 7 Comments

Lately, while learning about strength training for new athletes, I’ve heard a lot about the linear progression most people go through with their first couple months of weightlifting. Basically, as time goes on, each lifter will get stronger and stronger at a linear rate (y=x will be used for this example) until they reach a point where their lifts level off to a more flat progression (y= 1/2x, y= 1/4x, y= 1/8x, etc. and smaller and smaller). Note: I know there are better examples, but that’s not the point of this blog.

Well after some thinking, I’ve made my own observation: The real linear progression lies in the rate at which, as Glenn W Pendlay III loses weight, our workouts increasingly get harder and harder.

Hypothesis: The X-Axis, or independent variable, will in this case be as time goes on the closer we get to death. The Y-Axis, or dependent variable, will in this case be this specific Gorilla’s weight loss as he loses more and more weight.

Research: On more than one occasion Glenn has come into the gym in the morning and made this exact, word for word statement, “Guys! Guess what? I lost another 5lbs…. By the way we’re going to add 2 more doubles to each workout today.” Although this nonchalant comment may seem harmless to the elite weightlifter, I should mention that Glenn has lost 30lbs, and since 30/5=6, he has made that statement about 6 times to use. Yes, our blog SAYS we’re only do five doubles… but we’re really pushing the CrossFit minimum of 100 doubles per workout right now.

Solution: Jon North and I have tried to comprise many possible ways to make Glenn retain his weight, for our well-being of course, and none of them seem to work. We’ve taken Glenn to all you can eat wings at Hooters on Tuesdays… nothing. We’ve spiked his diet coke with anti-laxatives… nothing. We’ve put extra sugar in his coffee.. nothing. We’ve practically ran out of solutions other than chopping his head off.

Conclusion: As Glenn’s confidence rises, our death bed is going to look closer and closer each and every day regardless of our noble attempts to save our own lives.