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Donny Shankle set a new PWA record, Spencer had a PR day as well. Rob took first place in his weight class, Nate had a PR day, Anthony took 1st place in his weight class. Andrew Jester took 1st place in his weight class, and William Pendlay went 6 fo

r 6.

Great job team!

Donny Shankle

Jon North

Nate Omen

Spencer Moorman

Rob Blackwell

Anthony Gurule

Andrew Jester

William Pendlay

At the Olympic Weightlifting Team training the guys where absolutely smoked by end of day today, absolutely smoked…  


Today during olympic weightlifting team training we did hang snatches, power cleans, and jerks from the rack.  Highlight of the day was Jarod jerking 170kg for 5 reps.  Lots of solid snatches also.  Check it out…

Lots of good stuff today during olympic weightlifting team training.  Rob actually stood up with a 130kg snatch before losing it behind.  Anthony made a 4kg PR in the clean and jerk with a great looking 115kg effort.  Rob, Spencer, John, and Jared all trained hard.  Lot’s more to do in the next couple of months though…

training montage…

glennpendlay —  January 23, 2011 — 1 Comment

Here is a neat compilation of some of the Olympic Weightlifting training that went on at CalStrength today.  It was supposed to be a 70 to 80% day but a couple of guys got carried away, you can see who they are!

We had a very hard day of olympic weighlifting training today.  All the boys worked up 3 different times between 10am and 4pm.  In my opinion, Rob was the winner today, getting up to his max snatch once, 2kg below it another time, and coming within 7kg of his max clean and jerk all 3 times.  That’s a lot of work in one day.  And he wanted to do more.  Admit it, Rob Blackwell works harder than you do.

Training today.

glennpendlay —  January 9, 2011 — 1 Comment

We had a heck of a day training today.  12 new personal records on the olympic weighlifting lifts.  It was a “once in a year” type of day, everyone picking up barbells did something special.  I mostly shut my mouth and sat down.  A few videos are up on my facebook page or on the CaliforniaStrength youtube channel.  Spencer Mormon has now officially begun his preparation for Junior Worlds, and, records are gonna fall.  His snatch record today will be the first of many.