Training July 25th through the 31st

glennpendlay —  July 25, 2010 — 6 Comments



Snatch several doubles at about 75%

clean and jerk to near maximum

Reverse hypers


Snatch to near maximum

clean and jerk several doubles at about 75%

Back raises


Power snatch to max, then two doubles with about 15kg less

power clean and jerk to max.  then two doubles with about 15kg less

Some upper back and shoulder exercise.



Snatch several doubles up to as high a weight as possible

clean and jerk to about 75%

reverse hypers


snatch to about 75%

clean and jerk several doubles up to as high a weight as possible

Back squat 4 sets of 8

Back raises


Power snatch to max

Power clean to max

Some shoulder and upper back strength movement



Snatch light

clean and jerk light

Reverse hypers


Max snatch

max clean and jerk


squat, 4 sets of 8

light snatch

light clean and jerk

Back raises



6 responses to Training July 25th through the 31st

  1. Derek Binford July 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Looks like you are starting to phase out more of the assistance work (muscle snatches, lifts with pause, etc) and adding more lifts at maximum, will be interested to see how the guys progress after having a period of more variation and a rest from regular maximum lifting.

  2. Hi,

    If you don’t mind, is therea specific reason that there are more doubles this week than in the previous week?


  3. Derek Binford July 31, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    I’m obviously not Glenn but I’m going to assume that he wants to induce more stress this week. If you look from week to week he seems to be phasing out the assistance work and adding more maxing and more volume on the competition lifts as well. I am going to guess he is doing this to build up slowly to more serious and stressful training with the competition lifts.

  4. Derek is right… a bit more of the lifts, a bit less of the other stuff. Just normal variation in training.

  5. K thanks guys- glenn,just wondering, do you plan your teams training week at a time? Or the whole cycle at once?


  6. It gets rougher as the time period goes up… As in, I have a very rough idea of what Jon is going to do between now and the American open. I have a little more detail on how he is going to train from now to his next local meet about a month away. At the end of each week, I plan the next week in detail…

    I have found that it is useless to do really detailed planning more than a week or two out, too many things can happen which alter the plan. So the best way, IMO is to concieve of a rough plan for a month, then plan each week to fit into the plan based on what happened the previous week.

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